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Bocadillos | Little Crusty Sandwiches with Manchego, Proscuitto, Aioli & Peppers

Have you noticed how humble food in any cuisine is many times, the yummiest?

Take these ‘sandwiches’ for example, these iconic little crusty bread rolls in Spain, are eaten in tapas bars, street corners or as little hand held snacks on way the way to work, weekend camping or any other time you want a little something something.

They don’t have a lot, some meat, ham, cheese, omelet or tuna. No onions, lettuce none of that. So though a bocadillo might not sound as appealing as an American sub, it more than makes up with simple ingredients full on flavor.

And it’s because of their simplicity that they’re so darn delicious and easily portable when traveling.

So the one we’re making today begins with some crusty rolls – I like to buy an assortment; onion, rosemary & plain so everyone can get 2 with different bread. Though not traditional, then slap on some aioli on both sides (recipe included), be generous with pepadew peppers thinly sliced. If you’re never had pepadews they’re hot and sweet at the same time – LOVE!

Next some 2-3 scrunched up slices of Serrano Jamon or Proscuitto and finally thin slices of Manchego cheese.

So so good! I started teaching my high school kids culinary camps this week and the kids loved kicking off day one with these bocadillos. I mean seriously, what’s not to love.

A cold one and dreaming of azure waters…sigh, life is good!



Recipe for


Shopping list:

6 small crusty rolls

½ cup aioli (reserved from DAY 1)

12 slices Serrano jamon or proscuitto

6 oz piquillo peppers, cut into strips

6 oz Manchego cheese, sliced very thin


Cut the bread rolls with a bread knife, leaving them hinged.

Spread with a little aioli (approx 1 tbs).

Lay 2 slices of Serrano jamon over the bread, crumpled.

Follow with the peppers and Manchego cheese.

Serve immediately!



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