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Herbs of Grace

Cooking with Dev!

What a fun way to bring delicious and authentic culinary dishes  from around the world, into our kitchen and to the dinner table.


Our classes are meant to be knowledgeable and relaxing and an opportunity for great conversation with old friends and new. Pour yourself a cocktail, a glass of vino or a hot cuppa while I get busy in the kitchen!

Sit back and let's chat as I cook in my home kitchen. We'll discuss the nuances of each recipe as we progress through each step and of course not only do we learn how to cook a dish but also the brilliant science that goes behind it which only makes us better cooks. 

Chopping Vegetables


Keep in mind...


I really want you to have fun and not be stressed trying to keep pace with me while I'm cooking. Also, if you're too busy in your own kitchen, chances are you're going to miss out on all the little details I share while I'm cooking.

So here's what I recommend,

Sit back, observe, ask questions. If you've attended one of my in-person classes over the last few decades, you know that I really get into the nitty gritty as we discuss the nuances, the do's, the don'ts and the watch-outs as we go through each step in the recipe, together.

Better still, we'll be recording the entire Zoom class and the next day, you will receive the whole shebang via email so you can cook at your own pace, in your home kitchen, stress free.


And if you still have a question, I'm just an email away. 

warmly, Dev


Copy of April 2021 cooking class.png

What folks saying about our classes

"I so enjoy Devaki's cooking classes since I learn some new technique or food science info during every class. Her warm style makes you feel like you are sitting right across from her as she prepares a fabulous recipe and shares all its secrets with you! - Rebecca N


"Devaki's classes are always a joy in person, and I was pleased that her skill and personality shine through virtually as well. The recipe was easy to follow, thanks in part to her deft use of technology. Dev explains the process, the science, and the smells and tastes so well, I felt like I was right there with her. If you enjoy in person classes, you will also enjoy joining online. I can't wait for the next class!" - Linnea O

“Devaki’s superb cooking skills and easy-to-follow recipes, combined with her engaging personality, make her cooking demonstrations enjoyable and fun learning experiences. I am looking forward to the next class!" - Nancy B

"Devaki, I loved the Humble Thai cooking class. To me the most exciting thing was the enthusiasm you put into food preparation, and information that you provide effortlessly.  I always learn something new. You seem so comfortable with the process, and  your thought streaming keeps things alive.  Also, I truly was convinced based on your narrative that I could smell the food cooking.  Video was great, too. I will be back for more".  - Anita F

"The thing I like most about Dev's classes, is that I always learn something new. New techniques, new cooking tips, history and chemistry of food too. Really fun & informative!" - Barbara M


All lessons take place on Zoom and begin at 11:30 am, EST (USA). What we're cooking changes with each class and it's all listed in the class description.


Maximum 1.5 hours of fun & interactive cooking instruction & conversation BUT please set aside 2 hours just in case we get carried away chatting, during and after.


Once enrolled, each participant will receive the recipes in PDF format & the Zoom link the day before class.

After the class, in the next day or so, each participant will receive the Zoom link for the recording of the whole class. This is as-is with no edits.

The online cooking classes are with Devaki and some of our classes will feature guests from the culinary world, Chefs, historians, tour guides, wine makers and so many interesting folks from around the world. Yay!




Learn on your own time with a recording of any of our online lessons! You will receive a download of the recorded live Zoom lesson with detailed recipes in pdf. format. These will be emailed to you. Please choose the recording you would like from the selection below.

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