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Hainanese Chicken from Singapore & Malaysia

These last few posts you've heard me rant and rave about all the things so incredibly delicious about Hainanese Chicken Rice from Singapore. Tian Tian Singapore Chicken Rice stall at the Hawker Center in Tiong Bahru off Outram Road is quite famous. So it's no small feat as we try and replicate this famous classic.

As I was saying previously, if it weren’t for the Chicken Rice stall down the line, I would have probably starved those first few days. What began as necessity grew into love for the dish.

At the heart of this dish is the masterstock.

Once you’ve got the stock going which ideally should be made the previous day or weeks before and frozen, the next thing to do is to boil the chicken in it, then use that stock to prepare the rice, a lovely garlicky, and chili sauce and serve all together. The weekend's coming y'all so what better time than to get some Hainanese Chicken Rice on the table!



Recipe for

Hainanese Chicken from Singapore and Malaysia

Shopping list

Asian Master stock (previous recipe)

1 qty whole chicken, 2-1/2 to 3 lbs (preferably purchased at the Asian store)

5 whole cloves garlic, peeled

2” ginger root

1 bunch green onions

½ tbs salt


4 tbs vegetable oil

Tap water


Chicken: Rinse the chicken under tap water and remove any excess fat knobs near thighs.

Ginger & garlic: Smash the ginger and garlic under the weight of a jar or rolling pin or pot.

Green onions: Fold and tie a knot.


Stuff the ginger and garlic and green onions into the chicken. Submerge BREAST DOWN into the master stock.

Bring the stock to a rolling boil and then turn the heat down to very low. Place a lid on the pot, leaving a tiny gap allowing the steam to escape.

Simmer for the next 30-40 minutes uncovering once in the middle to turn the chicken breast up.

Cook’s tip: If the chicken is suspended at an angle, don’t let that concern you.

To test if the chicken is cooked, hold the chicken, cavity facing down so the liquid runs onto a plate. If the juices run clear, the chicken is cooked, if bloody, return to the stockpot and cook for another 10 minutes with the lid on.

Once cooked, place the chicken in a large mixing bowl and run tap water on the chicken to tighten the skin.

Then dry the chicken with a paper towel and liberally rub vegetable oil all over the chicken, front, and bottom and set aside let the chicken cool to room temperature.

Meanwhile, BEGIN WORKING ON DIPPING SAUCES & RICE. ( previous recipe)

To Cut: Halve the chicken lengthwise and then using a very sharp knife and cleaver, cut into no more than ¾-1” slice cutting through the bone. Set aside until ready to serve on a platter garnished with whole cilantro leaves.




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